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What is Tales Toolkit?

Tales Toolkit is Child-Led, Low-To-No Planning and Research-Based.

Tales Toolkit is a package combining physical resources with an award-winning online training programme that empowers children and practitioners to discover the incredible potential of storytelling.


Tales Toolkit has received many awards over the years as a testament to the impact it can have and the joy it can bring.

“It taps into every area of development - communication, PSED, maths... It’s about the individual unique child and having fun!”


Early Years Teacher,
Kintore Way

“We could never have predicted
just how impactful and essential this resource and training would be.”

Natalie Bannister

Jerudong International School

“Tales Toolkit has ignited a passion for storytelling and imaginative discussion. The benefits and enjoyment gained so far have been immense.”

Teacher, Oxfordshire Setting