What is the Tales Toolkit Package?

Tales Toolkit isn’t just another intervention, it’s breathing new life into ancient wisdom

Tales Toolkit is a package of training and resources supporting children’s early language and social development through oral storytelling. Tales Toolkit is...

  • A full package of expert-led training to upskill your whole staff

  • A continual CPD hub, with regular webinars, blogs and online resources to keep staff up-to-date with the latest learning

  • A whole new way of working! We were adamant that we wanted to develop a holistic, staff-wide, embedded practice.

The Original Tales Toolkit

Our Fairtrade accredited, sustainably manufactured physical resources are built to last; they’re robust and easily repaired, designed to pass through many tiny pairs of hands!

  • The Big Kit

  • The Apron

  • The Small Kit

  • The Hanger

  • The Shuffle Book

“The greatest strength of Tales Toolkit is its simplicity: four symbols, but limitless
opportunities for creativity!”

Early Years Lead, Cale Green Primary School

Digital Resource Library

Our ever-growing online portal includes lots of resources to support you in your Tales Toolkit journey. A variety of downloadables to inspire the children in their stories

  • Beautiful Illustrations

  • Classroom Templates

  • Inspiration Gallery

  • How-To Guides

  • Further Reading

"From the start, the online training and materials have really empowered
and boosted confidence in all the staff."

Assistant Head and Head of Early Years, Hartland International School

"I was so pleased to join the meeting today. It's great to get together with other, supportive
practitioners and share ideas. I'm buzzing to try some of these out tomorrow!"

Nursery Teacher, Ilmister Avenue Nursery

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“All staff, new and experienced, have embraced Tales Toolkit with real enthusiasm and we are reaping the benefits!”


Harry Roberts School

“Tales Toolkit is now part of our culture. It permeates everything we do: dealing with everyday problems, experimenting with new ideas and so much more”

Liz Adie

Early Years Lead, Cale Green Primary

“Over the past two years TTK has become an invaluable resource to the staff, children and parents. TTK can be used with soooo many children.”

Jane Coffrey

Smithy Bridge Primary School