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Pre Training

Before you get going, we ask the facilitator to prepare a little bit by downloading the 2 downloadable resources you'll find below. It's just a brief overview of what you'll need to do in advance of the sessions. Don't worry though, we've designed this entire package to be as little work for you as possible!

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Nursery Group Story

Kate leads a group story with this nursery setting. As well as modelling for the children, Kate is also incorporating a variety of creative approaches. Using songs, actions and phonic sounds.

Under 3s Group Story

This group story with the littlest of people shows how they quickly grasp the story structure. This practitioner takes her time embedding the use of the symbols while keeping the children really engaged with voices, songs and actions.

Watch without activities

This video has the same content as the core training video but we've removed the timed activity sections for speedier viewing. This is designed to help practitioners refresh their knowledge.

If you are doing the training for the first time, we recommend watching the full length video together with your team. Team learning means you'll get the most out of the training experience - and it's more fun!